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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Post Baru

Huu..salam semua..

It's been long time not writing in this blog..since I meet a guy..whose like to stalk my blog :3

I almost delete this blog but it seems like Blogspot didn't allows me to do so..I've tried to delete this blog for a few times but it still there.. 😳😳 it's look like I'm still needed here..hoho..omg omg omg.. 😂 even when nobody was reading my blog ..😔😭😞 is a beginning of my new life..* hope so* I'm trying to adapt a few things to my daily i read from books..few tips to be more successful in this life and hereafter.. InsyaAllah 😊

And..I think..I'm gonna shared recipe in this blog..huu..the recipe that I've successfully done in my new kitchen 😙😎 I'll upgrade this blog into more professional blog *professional sangat*.. A blog that use proper's either Malay or English 😉 lol..not like my old which I'm using like a "gedik" language.. Maigad..if i can turn time back..I would re-write all my post in the past using proper language 😔 so sad when read my post in the ruin my languages is..

Lastly ..before ended this post..want to share a tip..

Tip of the day...
👉 To keep room clean, don't mess it up 😙😁😂😂😂 

Goodbye 👋 and have a nice day everyone 😚😘😍

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