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Friday, May 8, 2015


Oh God...Ya Allah...Alhamdulillah..

Akhirnya lepas juga Discussion bg topik supplement ni.. ;-)

Gagap weh.. Haha.. Serious...

So guy.. What do you think about the dietary supplement???

Well.. Actually.. Based on the discussion that I've have this afternoon.. There's bad and good sides of supplement, depends on why we taking those supplement..  :-o

Don't you know and realize that most of the people nowadays believed to everything that were told to them easily,  without checking the truth of the new that they heard??? :-S

Yap.. Most of us  trust everything they heard and dare to try everything that can make them beautiful.. Maigad :3

And..and..the worst thing is..lot of people spent more money on something that nonsense like supplement to keep them slim and younger and rich and so on and so forth..  #krik3

Dah la.. Malaih ah nak story panjang2..

The conclusion is.. Eat balance food and have healthy life style to stay fit for life..

The end..  #clap please..

Haih.. K la.. That's all peeps...

Jumpa lagi dalam lain episod..

-->Tip of the day :
     Use the stairs instead of lift to burn more calories and have ' hot ' body.. B-)

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